Health Promotion Fellowship

SSPA HP Fellow.001

Amos, Québec

This is a two month preceptorship preferably done in month long blocks over two years. Trainees could be at any level, although I expect that most residents would benefit most at a R 4-5 level, when their is already some mastery of clinical material and the desire and state of mind to step back a bit from the maelstrom of clinical work to read, contemplate, reflect deeply, and learn about the noble profession that we have the opportunity to practice.

The rotation is designed to have a small amount of clinical exposure but no call, and essentially no clinical service requirements. The goals fo the fellowship are: to equippe trainees to embrace the professional roles of the physician, to have a broader understanding of health, health care systems, and the tremendous potential to promote health that is largely unexploited by current paradigms.

This starts with broad reflection of a variety of public health topics:

  • What is Health?
  • Vulnerable populations
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Health & the built environment.

Simultaneously we will explore and discover tools for thinking, working, understanding, problem solving, relationship building, communicating, and implementing creative solutions to promote health.

Trainees will have daily interaction with me, but will be expected to be autonomous and motivated learners. There is a fair amount of reading, and they will be required to acquire or improve skill sets that they may have never been exposed to in undergraduate or medical training.

The work of the trainee will integrate with the work of the Service of Applied Public Health and where possible trainees projects will become a part of the heritage of this service. A sampling of some of the work of this service can be found through the links below:

A site devoted to promotion of physical activity

A site devoted to a participative event currently in its 10th year in Amos

A site related to a project currently in beta testing – this is a project seeking to promote active feedback to physicians and the health care system


Potential topics that may be discussed or studied over the course of this rotation include:

Communication – beyond CanMEDS

  • Promoting a health dialogue with your patients and your community
  • Using the web
  • Oral communication
  • Modern media
  • Polls
  • Quizes


The medical literature

  • Basics of Epidemiology and Biostastics
  • How to dissect, communicate, and use a medical article (pragmatic approach)
  • Bibliographic management software
  • Data analysis software


Tools that your never learned about in med school

  • Mind mapping
  • Databases
  • Content management systems


What is HEALTH:

  • Definitions
  • Vulnerable populations
  • Social Determinants of health
  • Health and urban planning


Things I wish someone had told me 30 years ago

  • How to identify and accomplish your career goals and your life goals
  • Why we should stop talking about work life balance
  • How to integrate healthy habits into an unpredictable lifestyle
  • Relationship management (What Microsoft knows that we don’t)
  • How to get rich: the most important financial management tools that most people learn about too late.