Why English?

This is a bilingual site – in fact mostly English, which could be controversial in its own right, given the setting, however the reasons for this are noble and completely devoid of political intent. This site is about ideas – BIG IDEAS! Ideas that challenge our routines, our conventions, and the status quo. And it addresses problems that beg for multidimensional, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural perspectives. Our target audience is, amongst others, our local population of allied health care workers, teachers, politicians, bureaucrats,  administrators, and parents, of our community. We believe and hope that most of the concerned and interested parties will in fact, find this information accessible. However complex problems are rarely solved by closed groups with a narrow set of largely similar experiences and perspectives. If we can dare to address the complex problems of Health in its largest sense, we absolutely have to open the dialogue to our Canadian native communities, to our immigrant populations, to the larger Canadian and North American populations and to the population of Health researchers and innovators in diverse settings such as Scandinavia, the Baltic States, South America, Africa  and Asia.

The only pragmatic way to reach such a diverse audience is through a common international language. In this case our desire for meaningful dialogue and solutions trumps convention. In all respect to the local population, we respect the enormity and the importance of the problems too much to turn away potential allies and solutions.

For the record, almost all of the other sites of CASH are predominantly French (and you will find links to them through the menus). It is possible and even likely that significant parts of this site and the related blogs will eventually be translated into French. If you want to lend a translational hand, give us a shout).