Integrated Health Promotion, Clinical Effectiveness,  & Epidemiology

Founding Vision

The disciplines of Health Promotion and Epidemiology are recent additions to the medical profession and they have been widely implemented to broaden our understanding of health in individual patients and in communities.

With the valuable insights brought from these and other disparate fields we have learned that health is impacted by a variety of biological inputs, but also by a vast array of what has become known as the social determinants of health.

At the same time, we have learned that health and the determinants of health are transmitted through social networks, and it no longer tenable to think of health of individuals outside of the context of their communities and social networks. Promoting networking for health is a vital but largely untapped strategy for promoting health.

The service of Applied Public Health seeks to apply the insights of the past twenty years to promote health within the CSSS and within our community. We believe that health care professionals and health care organizations can and should play a leading role not only in diagnosing and treating disease, but also in preventing disease and promoting health. In fact, clinicians are arguably the recognized authorities by the population in matters concerning health. Integrating prevention and promotion activities into the culture of medicine and into clinical paradigms is a core objective of the Applied Public Health Service.

The department of General Internal Medicine of the CSSS Les Eskers de l’Abitibi  is fortunate in that members of the department possess formal training in public health, clinical effectiveness, and epidemiology. Furthermore, there is a track record and expertise within the department for the successful development and implementation of health promotion campaigns, clinical tools, cardiac rehabilitation and community organization for health.

This service seeks to maximize the use of these resources for the improvement of health within our community. There is broad support for such an initiative within the department and the goal is to involve all internists and all clinicians in one way or another in the activities of this service.

This service will be led by the division of GIM, but will seek to harness the pertinent clinical and institutional resources from various departments. Any member of the CMDP may participate in activities of the service.

Health promotion is recognized as a fundamental and core activity for specialists usually under the rubrique of health advocacy. The status of advocacy is equivalent to diagnostic and therapeutic acts, but it does not replace or lessen their value. Membership or participation within the service does not relieve members from their responsibilities in other departments or services.


  1. To fully harness the resources of the Department of Int Med, the CMDP and of the community at large to promote Health in its broadest sense in the CSSS and within the community;
  2. To promote a culture of science and evidence concerning clinical interventions including prevention and promotion;
  3. To broaden the focus of diagnostic and therapeutic services to include pertinent elements of prevention and promotion;
  4. To promote a holistic vision of Health care that is centered around the patient and the community both as targets of health interventions as well as the major players in the promotion of health, and the prevention and management of disease.
  5. To promote social networking for health within our community.

 Specific Tasks

Provide direction and leadership to cardiac and pulmonary rehab programs

  • Team building
  • Group Education
  • Quality Control/Evaluation of Program
  • Integration with other services within CSSS
  • Maximizing community impact in short and long term
  • Integration with other services within CSSS et within community at large
  • Contributions Clinique: nutrition, patient dialogue

Diverse contributions to CASH-Amos and diverse interventions of CASH. (CASH is a non-profit Canadian health promotion charity based in Amos, Québec. A central mandate of CASH is to promote health in the community through multi-sectorial dialogue and interventions.

Promote the development of the CASH-Amos network for health.

Develop, validate and integrate tools for diagnosis, prevention and management of chronic diseases across the CSSS and across the community.

  • Eating Assesment Table – EAT
  • ACTION Score

Develop and evaluate an employee wellness program and promote the vision and the implementation of the principles espoused by the Health Promoting Hospitals movement.

Teach Epidemiology/Evidence Based Medicine to students and residents.